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Subject: TECHNE thermal cyclers
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>Dear netters,
>We have got a nice offer from thermocyclers form Techne.
>I would like to get some information and experience with
>made by Techne. Are Techne cyclers users happy with it? Do they
>to get it?

you don't say which model you are contemplating purchasing, but we
have experience here of at least two the PHC-1 and PHC-3.  We also
have other models in the building and are updating our PHC-1s to a
newer Techne model.

Basically the PHC-1 is a simple machine, no advanced programming and
water cooled, it is great as a personal cycler, we have a number of
them between us in our group, the only drawback is if you are in a
'hard' water area as we are then the solenoid valve controlling
water cooling can cause problems but not that often (about one
problem per year with two machines in my lab and we are in a very
hard water area).

The PHC-3 is more sophisticated being a full peltier machine for
both heating and cooling.  The programmes can be much more
sophisticated allowing you to change ramp times etc. and link
programmes together.  The disadvantage here is that we have found
the failure rate of peltiers to be quite high, especially where they
are used to alternatively heat and cool (opinion of our instrument

In general though we have been quite happy with Techne as a
manufacturer of thermocyclers, I do of course speak for myself and
in no way should my comments be taken as official MRC or Government
approval of these products.

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