tagging membrane proteins

Nancy David ndavid at bcm.tmc.edu
Fri Nov 4 13:32:51 EST 1994

I'm trying to tag a membrane protein so I could do immunocytochemistry. I
tried by adding an epitope sequence (Ab AU1 from BAbCo) in one of my PCR
primers, then
subcloning the thing. It didn't seem to work. I've seen some people here
using HA. My questions are: a) How do you put the HA epitope in frame, (N
or C end)?
                      b) Are there polyclonal Abs available for that or
other  					                                tag epitope?             
                      c) Other possible epitopes?
                      D) Something I don't know and I should? 

Thanks a lot to everybody there asking and answering (I'm new in this net) 

Ramiro Salas
Baylor College of Medicine
Houston, Texas
E-Mail: rs690935 at mbcr.bcm.tmc.edu

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