Randall J. Cohrs COHRS-R at Oberon.HSC.Colorado.edu
Fri Nov 4 15:41:09 EST 1994

> : Does anyone used DNASIS sequence analysis program for IBM?  If so, I 
> : would appreciated your comments.
> Dear Martin
> I've used DNASYS and hate it.  It has a terrible user interface and very poor 
> file management.  It can't even find a file that's copied into its own
> directory.  The user keys are very unintuitive, and it actually takes 9 
> seperate keystrokes to exit the program.  Though very powerful, it is a bitch
> to use.       Good luck, Michael Kawalek kawalekm at watserv.ucr.edu
 - - -

I agree.  I've been using DNasis since ver 3.0 (it's now at ver 7.0)
problems are too numerous to list fully but :

   use page up key to page down on screen.
   stores only 63,000 bp DNA file (a killer for large viruses)
  only searches about 10 specific REnzymes at a time
  circular plasmid maps run off the page when mapping > 3 REs
  cannot print line drawings of RNA folding
  cannot fold RNA >300 nt
  print configuration changable only after exiting program
  But the Killer is when you try to run DNA homology on a 486-50 PC

it takes >7.5 days to do a reasonable search and at that it was only 
23% done  (on my old 80-88) it would take a few hours)

there is a windows verson coming out but for $700 just to upgrade, it 
had better do my digests for me

rjc in denver

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