Clontech Two-hybrid libraries.

Tracy Aquilla aquilla at
Fri Nov 4 11:15:47 EST 1994

In Article <splyte-0111941115260001 at>,
splyte at (Simon E Plyte) wrote:
>We recently bought the Matchmaker two-hybrid system from Clontech together with
>a suitable fusion library. Two labs here have tried using this system
>without any luck. 
>When we screen the library we get between 100-400 colnies that grow
>on His-, trp-, leu- plates. However, none of these turn blue in the 
>X-gal assay. Clontech assure us that at least half shoud turn blue.
>Question: Has anyone out there had any luck cloning an interacting 
>protein using the matchmaker system together with a Clontech library.

I've never used Clonetech libraries before, but I *have* been warned not to.
I have heard that their libraries STINK. More than one person has told me
that the number of clones with inserts was very low (even below 20%).
Someone also told me that when Clonetech made an unacceptably poor custom
library for them, Clonetech refused to make good on it. This has been enough
to keep me from buying from them.

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