Texas Red labeling of antibodies

Richard R. Hardy hardy at mighty.fccc.edu
Fri Nov 4 12:33:43 EST 1994

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uvsbgsm at Msu.oscs.montana.edu wrote:

> I have been trying to texas red label purified monoclonal antibody with no
> luck using the Current Protocols in Immunology method.  Efficiency is very 
> low. Does anyone out there have a good method/advice?  Thanks!

Could you define what you mean ny low efficiency?  Our experience has been
that low fluorochrome/protein ratios work best for this dye (i.e., its
fluorescence quenches rapidly at higher F/P), typically around 1.0.  Also,
we've seen monoclonal antibody inactivation/precipitation frequently with
TR.  We tend to use it as an avidin sandwich with biotinated Mabs, which
works well.  Good luck!

R. Hardy
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Fox Chase Cancer Center, Philadelphia, PA
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