DNA/Protein analysis software

kenneth garson cancer research kgarson at labsun1.med.uottawa.ca
Sat Nov 5 20:29:19 EST 1994

Perhaps this has been addressed previously, but I am interested in a
fairly comprehensive software package (IBM compatible) for DNA and protein
entry and analysis including database searches. It would also be handy to
have a good file conversion program for importing and exporting files from
the program while retaining all of the annotations. Also reasonable
control over the format of the sequence output for preparing sequence for
publication. Finally, this software will be used by a number of users in
the lab so user friendly programs are preferable.

I previously used MacVector and was quite pleased with most of its
features. Any suggestions for the IBM? The only program that we have
ordered a demo copy for is DNASIS. Should we consider others?

Thanks for any responses.

Ken Garson
Ottawa Centre for Cancer Research
University of Ottawa
Ottawa, Canada
kgarson at labsun1.med.uottawa.ca

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