Promoter Databases: How to search for binding-motifs??

Carl Lawyer clawyer at SIUMED.EDU
Sat Nov 5 12:20:53 EST 1994

At  6:08 PM 11/4/94 +0100, Stefan Kahlert wrote:
>Could someone please give me a recommendation:
>I am looking for a promoter-database that can be searched for
>binding-motifs over the net, or that can be integrated in DNASIS.
>I only did fasta searches currently but the information that
>the binding motif is repeatet in eg. an exon is of minor
>interest for me:
>I think I should better search on just the promoters.
>But how to do so?
>Stefan Kahlert, Medical Policlinic, University of Bonn (de)

reply: epd        Eukaryotic Promoter Database Release 35, June 1993
searchable by  NCBI BLAST E-mail service.
 To Obtain Documentation:  send an e-mail message to 'blast at'
 with the word HELP in the body of the message.  The documentation was last
 modified Oct. 10th.

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