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>I'm looking for an alternative to using Life Technologies' (Gibco-BRL)
>lipofectin.  At $130/ml, I feel like I'm getting royally ripped-off,
>especially when I consider the rate at which I use it.  I hear it's not
>difficult to make and the cost of the materials turns out to be about
>$1/ml.  If anybody has a protocol on how to make a lipofectin-like reagent
>could you please send it to me.  Thanks!!!

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I have used lipofectin (from Gibco). This may be dependent on the plasmid
to be transfected; but in my experience I got better results with
lipofectase. It is important this because Lipofectase can be easily
prepared. I have used this liposome for more than a year and I have had
very good transfection. The method that I use to prepare it is the one
described in

Rose et al. (1991) BioTechniques 10, 520-525

 The only that I can point out is that when I receive the PtdEtn, I
separate it in aliquots (enough for 1 ml of liposomes) in conic glass 15 ml
tubes, mix with DDAB and dry under N2. Then, I add 1 ml of water. In this
condition the tubes are stored in the refrigerator. When I need it, I
prepare the liposomes by sonication. I have used liposomes several months
old and have great transfection (measured by b-gal). I hope this help you.
Call me if you need other information.


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