Stefan Einar Stefansson stefan at
Sun Nov 6 10:31:10 EST 1994

[This is a repost - it didn't seem to make it the first time around]

Our lab is considering to buy a photodocumentation system to record
gels exposed by UV and visible light. As most of you are probably
aware of, the price range is between $4,000 to $25,000.
   I would appreciate if people familiar with any of these systems
could comment on their performances, such as quality of photographs
maintainance cost how user friendly they are and finally the cost 
of their system. Furthermore of special interest to me is to hear from
some labs which have been able to assemble their own systems.
Apparently these are considerably less costly, but performance 
and quality can differ.
   I would appreciate to hear from as many groups as possible,
either posted here on the net or to my E-mail address:
                stefan at
        Thanks in advance

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