Alu sequences?

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Mon Nov 7 22:31:21 EST 1994

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> I am trying to search for Alu consesus sequences via the NCBI retrieve
> e-mail server and don't seem to have much luck. My requests all come back 'no
> files found'. Does someone have a suggestion on how to phrase the search
> request to pull out these sequences?  Or am I just barking up the wrong tree?


if you are looking for the files themselves,
this should work:

mail this:

datalib genbank
U14567 [acc]
U14568 [acc]
U14569 [acc]
U14570 [acc]
U14571 [acc]
U14572 [acc]
U14573 [acc]
U14574 [acc]


retrieve at

To find out more about this server, just send the word 'help' to
the same retrieve address.

To do a blast search, you can use the blast server:

blast at

(also send 'help' for help on how to use this server)

To read more about this, I guess you can look at:

Claverie & Makalowski (1994) in the recent Nature (which is probably
where you got interested about this) ...  371:752



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