Electroporators: what brand?

Heather H Lord hlord at uoguelph.ca
Mon Nov 7 15:25:50 EST 1994

mike at sgi1.fels.temple.edu wrote:
: I'm looking for advice on what type of Electroporator to get.  I'll be transfecting E. coli and vertebrate cells.  So far I'm looking at the Bio-Rad 
: (seems to be the standard) and the BTX.  Any experience with either?  Also, any other brands to recommend?
: Thanks:	mike at sgi1.fels.temple.edu

We have been using the BTX electroporator for about a year now and have 
had no problems with it.  We are doing pretty basic stuff, mostly 
just E. coli and S. typhimurium.  I think it was a bit less expensive 
than BioRad's E. coli pulser.

Heather Lord
University of Guelph

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