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John Brunstein brunstei at UNIXG.UBC.CA
Tue Nov 8 15:59:36 EST 1994

	Actually, I believe that the most sensitive screen chemistry is 
that used in the Fuji instrument (they in fact hold the patent, and have 
only allowed other companies to use less sensitive versions).  Be that as 
it may, in our trials each of the machines had individual advantages.  
The biorad was the only one which can do chemiluminesance (sp?), but it 
doesn't do it very well (much less sensitive than film).  The Fuji was 
the easiest to operate and had a larger screen size for the price range 
than the other two, but had the least 'flexibility' in parameters.  The 
MD machine was harder to use than the Fuji, but had the flexibilty of the 
Bio-Rad without the really clumsy screen cassette system it suffers from.
	If you really want a comprehensive overview of user opinions I 
would search the archives of this newsgroup for 'phosphoimager'...this 
will return quite a list of postings, many of which i found educational 
during our deliberations over which system to get.
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