Human cell line with inducible lacZ gene

Leon Parker mrclean at
Tue Nov 8 12:22:53 EST 1994

Hello all--

Has anyone created a human cell line possessing a single copy of the E. 
coli lac Z gene (under the control of an inducible promoter) in its 
genome.  We are particularly interested in cell lines where lacZ gene 
expression is tightly regulated (if such a thing is possible in a 
mammalian cell...); in other words, the basal level of lacZ gene 
transcription is very low or undetectable in the absence of induction.  
We would like to utilize such a cell line as a positive control in some 
experiments we are planning.  We would, or course, cover the cost of 
shipping a sample of the cells.   

Thanks in advance for any information or help you can provide.
Please respond directly to:  mrclean at

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