Human chromosome-specific genomic libraries

Randy Haun rhaun at
Tue Nov 8 10:47:54 EST 1994

I am looking for human chromosome-specific DNA libraries.  I have found a 
series of libraries in the ATCC collection that were prepared in the late 
80s as part of Phase I construction of chromosome-specific libraries by the 
National Laboratory Gene Library Project.  These libraries were prepared by 
complete digestion with either EcoRI or HindIII of flow-sorted chromosomes, 
and thus contain inserts with an average size of 4 kb.  In the paper 
describing their construction (Bio/Technology 4, 1986, 537), the authors 
discuss Phase II of this project which includes the construction of 
lambda libraries containing larger (20-25 kb) inserts.  Does anyone know if 
Phase II was completed; and if so, are these libraries available?

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