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> since T7 and T3 are so similar that T7 misannealed to the T3 site.  This
> leads me to my question:  since T7 and T3 are so similar and can misanneal
> to give amplification in PCR, will the same thing happen in sequencing
> reactions?  I've seen vectors containing both T7 and T3 sites.  Has anybody
> had problems sequencing in such a vector?
> Darren M. Stauth -- stauth at crunch.usgmrl.ksu.edu

I've never noticed mispriming, and I use T3/T7 a lot on Bluescript plasmids.  
I must admit, until you mentioned it I'd never noticed these things are 
quite similar, especially at their 3' ends:

    T3 primer  5'-ATTAACCCTCACTAAAG-3'
                       | ||||||| ||                      

With other primers I have noticed how a single mismatch will screw sequencing, 
but not affect PCR, so sequencing (at least with T7 polymerase) is more 
sensitive to subtle differences between template and primer than PCR.



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