Plasmid Deletions - Exo or DNAse?

Marc Goldstein ez001427 at
Wed Nov 9 21:32:22 EST 1994


	I have used the Stratagene Exo-Mung deletion kit many times, and 
it has worked very well in my hands.  You can ask Stratagene for the 
complete protocol by fax, or look in their catalog for the quickee overview.

Marc Goldstein
Plant Biology Section
U. CA Davis

Paul Edward Kowalski 
(kowalski at wrote: : Hi bmmr's- 
: Does anyone have good protocols for making deletions of plasmids with 
: DnaseI?I recall reading about one here about a year ago but didn't save 
: it... Also any normal Exo protocols would be appreciated, as ours is wicked.
: Thanks tons, in advance!

: Paul Kowalski
: Terry Fox Labs

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