Oligo Labeling With Terminal Transferase

Eric Lippay lippay at vaxd.gat.com
Wed Nov 9 19:06:11 EST 1994

In a recent hybridization experiment we have been labeling 17-mer
degenerate oligos with 32P dATP using Terminal Transferase.  One set of
oligos is similar except it is shifted three bases and the 3' end
terminates with a C in one and an A in the other.  We seem to be getting
2-3 times higher dATP incorporation in the oligo which ends in a C.  Does
anyone know if TdT prefers a certain 3' base over another when labeling
oligos?  If so, this should be incorporated in your strategy when designing
probes.  Thanks for the info.

																																Eric Lippay
																																General Atomics Bioscience Div.  

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