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Jacqueline Vanderstappen jacqueline.vanderstap at agr.kuleuven.ac.be
Wed Nov 9 08:05:28 EST 1994


I have some questions concerning the use of the automated ABI 373 stretch 

We've recently bought the upgrate version. Sometimes we have problems with 
sequencing PCR products with the Taq dye terminator kit. It's not a problem 
of reactions because the sequencing with the same reactions have worked with 
the previous version of ABI 373. Is this a problem of the gel (other 
concentration) or of the running conditions. We now run the samples at 30 W. 
Is this too high for PCR products?

We tried to use the sequenase dye terminator kit for PCR products but it 
didn't work? Is there somebody who has good experience with it?


Vander Stappen Jacqueline
Laboratory of Gene Technology
W.deCroylaan 42
3001 Heverlee
e-mail: Jacqueline.Vanderstap at agr.kuleuven.ac.be 

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