DNAStar Program(s)

Donald L. StGermain Donald.L.StGermain at dartmouth.edu
Wed Nov 9 00:41:56 EST 1994

Hello:  Recently ordered up demo versions of several Mac-based
molecular biology packages (MacDNAsis, GeneWorks, GeneJockeyII,
LaserGene) and I also have experience with MacVector.  In my
experience, LaserGene is the best and the only one I'd invest in,
though MacVector is also good, and GeneJockey may be worth it's
relatively modest price tag.  The fact that LaserGene comes as separate
modules is nice if you don't need the whole package, but a little
cumbersome to navigate through, and quite pricey, if you do.  Would
highly recommend getting demo versions of the packages you're
considering prior to buying.  Good luck - Don St. Germain

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