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Wed Nov 9 01:35:20 EST 1994

aduarte at wrote:
: Hello,

: I suspect the degradation occurs while still growing the cells because I use
: protease inhibitors (aprotinin, leupeptin and pepstatin, 3ug/ml each) and
: apply a brief sonication treatment while keeping the cells on ice all the time
: and working in the cold room.

I have been recently having the same protein degradation problems. I kept
everything on cold and had PMSF, Aprotonin and Pepstatin as my protease
inhibitors yet I got degradation. I think it is my lysis ( or protein
suspension ) buffer that may have lost its protease inhibiting activity. I
noticed a little bit of cloudiness in my protein buffer which prompts me
to think that it might be contaminated. You might wanna check your buffers
and their PH. 

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