A recipe for whole-mount in situ hybridization on vertebrate embryos

David Ish-Horowicz d-horowicz at icrf.icnet.uk
Wed Nov 9 15:05:22 EST 1994

As many labs may find it useful, we are making available (via anonymous
ftp file-transfer) a recipe for whole-mount in situ  hybridization on
vertebrate embryos. It is already working well in a number of labs on a
variety of animal embryos. The method adapts and modifies several
predecessors, and uses DIG-labelled RNA probes. A variety of "tweaks"
leads to high sensitivity and selectivity, and several unnecessary steps
have been omitted to reduce the number of manipulations.

Please use the recipe freely and pass it to your colleagues. As we are
releasing it prior to publication, please reference the method as
"Henrique and Ish-Horowicz, personal communication".

The recipe is available by anonymous ftp at ftp.lif.icnet.uk in the
/icrf-public/recipes directory and is offered in two alternative file
formats: insiturecipe11_95.hqx (binhexed Macintosh Word v5.1 format);
insiturecipe11_95.rtf (Microsoft interchange (RTF) format; ASCII text that
can be imported & translated by most word processors).



Domingos Henrique and David Ish-Horowicz, ICRF Developmental Biology Unit,
Oxford, UK. Fax: 44 1865 281310. E-mail: d_henrique at icrf.icnet uk or
d_horowicz at icrf.icnet uk).

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