Phosphordiesterase I

Huesken Dieter MSM FO23 CH dieter.huesken at chbs-msm1.chbs.MHS.CIBA.COM
Wed Nov 9 12:25:35 EST 1994

Dear folks,
To complete my experiments I'm seeking  a specific enzyme which is an 5' 
(cleaves from 3' to 5') that is blocked when a 3' phosphate terminus is on 
the substrate. After searching the EC database I found the 
phosphordiesterase I (EC. ) with these features. I'm looking for a 
source to obtain this enzyme under regular basis.
I would appreciate any info on the subject. Thanks, Dieter

Dieter Huesken
Central Research Laboratories R-1060.1.42
CH-4002 Basle, Switzerland
Phone ++41 61 697 53 13

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