bad experience with a company

Andreas Buhr Buhr at
Thu Nov 10 12:23:27 EST 1994

Dear netters,

I would like to tell you a something about the service of a well known

On MONDAY ( Nov. 7th) I placed an order at A... in Switzerland:

- (35S)Met from A... (about 800,-  SFr , *0.8 US$) and 
- 50 kU Yeast PolyAPolymerase (about 1000,- SFr) from U.. 
( A recent subdivision of A; You know U's  famous Sequencing kit).  
A.. mentioned,  it can take some time for the enzyme (?). 

On TUESDAY they called to tell me it will take 4-6 weeks (!) for  delivery
of  the enzyme. They don't have it on stock in Great Britain (The central
store in Europe, as far as I know). 
After  several calls: They deliver in 2 weeks (!). They have it on stock in
Now you might wonder: isn't Germany the country next Switzerland? 
Yes you are right, it's only one boarder and  less than thousand miles! 
I complained again, keeping in mind that this company charges 60.-  SFr for
dry ice shipment (other companies: 0.- to 16.- SFr). They promised to try
something for me and will call me on Wednesday.

WEDNESDAY:   no call !      but I received the (35S)Met.

THURSDAY:   The call, finally. They excused haven't called me, they will
deliver on Nov. 21th (and knew this already on Wednesday he mentioned)

My question to you, is this a service you expect for 1500.- US$ ?

Andreas Buhr
Pharmakologisches  Institut
Universitaet Bern
3010 Bern 
Buhr at

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