A recipe for whole-mount in situ hybridization on vertebrate embryos

In C. Kim inkim at carina.unm.edu
Fri Nov 11 00:01:37 EST 1994

David Ish-Horowicz (d-horowicz at icrf.icnet.uk) wrote:

: ftp://ftp.lif.icnet.uk/icrf-public/recipes/insiturecipe11_95.hqx
: ftp://ftp.lif.icnet.uk/icrf-public/recipes/insiturecipe11_95.rtf

: Enjoy.

Dear sir,

I am unable to enjoy your .rtf file.  Could you please upload that in 
.txt file?  I tried both MS Winword and WP Win, which require a lot of 
tear and sweat to edit your converted rtf file.   Thanks.  

In C. Kim   <inkim at carina.unm.edu>    

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