DNAgency Oligos

Jon Nakamoto jnakamot at pediatrics.medsch.ucla.edu
Thu Nov 10 19:25:41 EST 1994

Based on my experience (about 20 oligos so far) with DNAgency, I think
they'll probably still be one of your best deals even at $1.41 per base
for the 0.05 umol scale (no set up, and free shipping for > 10 oligos
or more than $200). Note that you will often get much more than 0.05
umol (although they can't and won't promise that this will always be
the case), which makes the potential savings even greater. Their
primers have worked great for my PCRs. 

Standard disclaimer: views are mine alone and I have no connection to
DNAgency other than being a satisfied customer.

Jon Nakamoto
Clinical Instructor of Pediatrics/Endocrinology, UCLA
jnakamot at pediatrics.medsch.ucla.edu

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