Need Primer Extension (of RNA) Info/Help

Christine Ward CVMCKW at VTVM1.CC.VT.EDU
Thu Nov 10 18:39:07 EST 1994

Greetings everyone,
   I am getting ready to start some RNA analysis and was wondering if anyone
   is aware of any methods for primer extension analysis of mRNA (I'll be
   working with bacterial mRNA) that use S35 instead of P32 for end-labelling
   the primer, or perhaps a nonradioactive method for labelling the primer.  I
   am interested in mapping the 5' end of a particular mRNA and using P32 will
   be difficult for me.  Most methods I have come across all seem to use P32 (I
   suppose for sensitivity).  I would appreciate any info advice anyone would
   be willing to give. Thank you.

   Christine Ward
   Virginia Tech
   Blacksburg, VA

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