oligo antisense

Juliette Faraco faraco at cmgm.stanford.edu
Thu Nov 10 17:09:13 EST 1994

I am interested in hearing from people who have experience using antisense
oligos to try to knock out expression of cellular genes.  I am particulary
interested in whether toxcicity of the oligos has been characterized (I 
understand that oligos can cause adhearant cells to detatch from culture 

what is your experience with the use of antisense oligos versus high level
transcription of transfected antisense constructs, and versus use of antisense
directed ribozymes??

                If you have experience with this work, I'd love to hear
                from you. Please e-mail me, since I don't normally use
                this group. I will be happy to post a summary of responses.
                            Faraco at cmgm.stanford.edu


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