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Thu Nov 10 09:10:57 EST 1994

> Hi,
> Just my two cents.  Capsicum is actually any pepper of the genus "Capsicum"
> which is of the nightshade family.  Here in Austrlia capsicum usually
refers to
> what North Americans call bell pepper.  Capasaicin can be isolated from
> "Capsicums".  It is a phenolic amide C18H27NO3.  
>         If you really want to make something SUPER hot, do an EtOH extraction
> of habejeros (sp?).  This can be evaporated and concetrated further. 
The other
> wonder thing about this EtOH-hot sauce is that the ethanol breaks down mucosal
> barriers in the mouth, thus bypassing this protective effect. Be careful
> though, even smelling this stuff can make your nose burn.  How do I know you
> ask? I made some.  Never could eat it though.  It was too damn painful.
> Cheers,
> Allen Black
> Dept. of Pathology
> Univ. of Newcastle       

Wow, that must have been very very very hot (approaching suicidal).  Sorry
for changing the name of the chemical, I meant Capasaicin.


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