electrophoresis of nuclear extracts

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>  We are trying to fractionate proteins in human nuclear extracts in SDS
>  polyacrylamide gels.  Althugh we observe sharp protein bands in 13%
>  polyacrylamide, we have problems with gels that are below 10%
>  polyacrylamide.  The protein forms vertical streaks along the edges of
>  the lanes.  Equivalent amounts of protein from E. coli extracts do not
>  show this sensitivity to polyacrylamide percentage in the same gels.
>  Have others had this problem with nuclear extracts?  Are there any ways
>  to avoid this?  
>  Thanks
>  Dave  

We commonly electorphorese our nuclear extracts on 10% gels and do not see
streaking.  Do you dialyze your extracts?  Most extracts are made with
high salts (0.42 M NaCl or some combination of NaCl and KCl) and this high
salt might cause streaking.  Not sure why the 13% gels doesn't show

Hope that helps

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