Soliciting Comments on Sequence Analysis Software

Anthony Tomlinson tomlinson at
Thu Nov 10 06:26:12 EST 1994

In article <mic-0411941747420001 at> Mic Chaudoir,
mic at writes:
>> I am soliciting comments on sequence analysis software that is personal
>> computer based.  We are currently using GCG on the vax and find it
>> quite cumbersome and overall difficult to use.  I have sent away for a
>> thirty day trial of the Intelligenetics PC/Gene.  I can use either a
>> MAC or Dos-Windows format.
>> Thanks for your help.
>Lasergene by DNAstar is far and away the best, IMHO.  I recently did a
>comparo in our lab, with mac versions of GeneWorks, Hitachi's software,
>and Lasergene.  Lasergene won hands down, and I highly reccomend it. 
>Unfortunately, it is pricey.  For more info, call 608-258-7420

Yep, I vote for  Lasergene too, but I haven't tried the primer
 designing bit - we use Oligo 4.0 for that.  We also
 get the Genembl database on CD, but I don't know how much
 it costs (just a humble RA etc)

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