Substrates for B-GUS and B-GAL ?

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Thu Nov 10 06:21:26 EST 1994

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> I am wanting to use both beta-galactosidase and beta-glucuronidase reporter 
> genes in an expression vector that I am designing. However, in order to do 
> this I need to find all of the alternative substrates for both genes, as well 
> as the colours they produce.

  The company is: Biosynth US phone (800) 270-2436 Switzerland (071) 43 01 90
                            fax (800) 276-2436                (071) 42 58 59
  They make a set of alternative (histochemiscal stain) substrates for both
beta-gal and beta-gluc.  I personally have used their magenta-gal and found
it is as sensitive as X-gal, but gives a deep red precipitate. Nice!
The magenta-gal shows similar stability on long term storage as X-gal and
is used in exactly the same way.  They also make a salmon-gal and a
  The only odd thing is that the crystals for magenta-gal are a little more
prone to being deposited outside the cell (which X-gal does also), but I
suspect increasing the Kferri/Kferro concentrations (from 5 mM up to as high
as 35 mM is fine) would solve this.
  These are very nice products.

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