Level 2 Biosafety

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 macklon-0911941641020001 at pc22.mid.ucalgary.ca>, macklon at acs.ucalgary.ca (PMacklon) writes:
>> 1.  Is anyone familiar with the requirements of level 2 biosafety, or 
>> does anyone know where I can find the information 
> Yes, level 2 is essentially good lab technique with the ability to contain
> "hazardous" (through aerosolization primarily) procedures within a
> biohazard cabinet.
> Nearly every hospital lab is a level 2, as are most microbiology research
> labs.  It is not something to be unduly concerned about....
> "Biosafety in Microbiological and Biomedical Laboratories", US Dept. of
> Health and Human Services,  
> This publication describes in detail the standards and operating practices
> that are necessary to constitute Biosafety Level 1 through 4.
If you want more immediate information, check the Federal Register, Vol. 51, 
number 88, Wednesday May 7, 1986, Notices.  On page 16973,
it states the BL2 requirements -
as above, nothing extraordinary about it, standard micro practices -
with the exception that they indicate that access is limited or restricted
when the work is in progress.  No food or drink.
It also says that you need to post a hazard warning sign incorporating the 
universal biohazard symbol on the access door.  Id the agent, phone and
name of the lab director and special requirment for entering.
Lab coats are worn.
Check the regs' for further info.
If you run a tight ship (unlike me at the moment - I am using the lab to
wash micro dishes in), you should have no problems.
Sue Katz, Biology, Doane College
DKatz at Doane.edu

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