Genomic DNA from E.coli without phenol or chloroform??

Fri Nov 11 05:34:09 EST 1994

In article <393eu2$sdi at>, bb1dopeg at (Gabriel Dorado) says:
>Anybody knows a reliable method to obtain genomic DNA from E coli
>without the need of hazardous substances like phenol or chloroform? The
>DNA should be suitable for PCR amplification. Any kit available? I have
>read the new Puregene Isolation Kits from Flowgene can do it. Anybody
>has tried them?
>G. Dorado
>Internet Email: bb1dopeg at
We routinely use Stratagenes high salt DNA extraction kit for getting
DNA out of mammalian cells so theres no reason why it shouldn't work
for your bugs.The kit basically precipitates out the proteins with 6M
NaCl, leaving the DNA. Buy one kit then make the reagents yourself to
extend the kit.
G Jenkins

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