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> > answer to the 2M NaOAc pH4...maybe. We have had the same
> >problem. Pain in the *** isn't it? The way we do it now is...say we
> Actually, the answer is quite easy.  Make up some 2M NaOAc.  Make up some
> 2M Glacial acetic acid.  Mix until you get the right pH.  Somewhere you
> should be able to find the buffer table that tells you how much of each
> to add, or you can derive it theoretically, or you can figure it out
> empirically.
> Carlisle Landel
> PS  I have a *very* foggy recollection that the ration is something like
> 8:2, acid to salt, but I could very well be wrong.
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If Henderson-Hasselbalch is correct and 
pKa of acetic acid is 4.76


0.585 M acetic acid + 1.415 M sodium acetate is what you want

rjc in denver

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