PCR product stability

Bengt Oxelman bengt.oxelman at systbot.gu.se
Fri Nov 11 08:14:15 EST 1994

Today I checked a couple of PCR products that were gel/Qiaquick purified
about two months ago. We have recently detected pH problems with our
milli-Q water so I wanted to check that the fragments were still there.
They were, apart from a few acid solutions. But, all sample also contained
a second fragment of half the size of the orignal fragment (two different,
1.1 and 1.6 kb)!!!!!!! ?????????

Does anyone have an idea about what is going on? Can I safely sequence the
DNA (produced lovely sequences two months ago)?

Any comments greatly appreciated!
Bengt Oxelman
Dept. of Systematic Botany
Carl Skottsbergs Gata 22
S-413 19 Goeteborg
bengt.oxelman at systbot.gu.se 

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