U937 monocyte suspension culture adhering to flask. Why?!

Mr. P.A. Sansom psansom at hgmp.mrc.ac.uk
Fri Nov 11 06:16:13 EST 1994

OK, to set the scene
Little me growing U937 monocytic cell line in
    RPMI 1640
    2mM L-glutamine
    5% heat inactivated fetal calf serum
    5% CO2 humidified
    Falcon tissue culture flasks (plastics)

Problem is that they have started adhering to the plastic of the flask, making
it hard to harvest them as intact cells for my expts. I have just made up a
fresh bottle of medium, so I assume that its something to do with that, but
what? All the components are the same ones that I've been using all along,
stored as frozen aliquots apart from media which are 1X liquids.

I've seen similar before when growing cells in methionine free medium, but I
don't see that the medium can be deficient in any amino acid, unless the
L-glutamine is off.

If anyone has any ideas, or has experienced similar problems, please let me

Thanx in advance

psansom at hgmp.mrc.ac.uk

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