ASAP Request - Heat Shock Info

X-Man bike at
Sat Nov 12 11:08:31 EST 1994

Heat shocking E.coli to maximize B-gal production.

What are the Heat Shock Proteins (HSP's) in E.coli?
Can the heat shock procedure be used to maximize enzyme production as well?

When during the growth of the culture is the most effective time to heat
shock?  Is it possible to heat shock a few hours before max B-gal production
in order to reach that point earlier or should heat shock be applied just
before max production in order to reach the higher level of production.

Has this procedure been applied successfully in the case of B-gal in E.coli?
Has it been used in a similar manner in other organisms?

Any information that can be provided would be very much appreciated.
Please reply to this account or e-mail replies to stat at
Thanks in advance.

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