help w/ ecor1 contam!

Sat Nov 12 09:26:57 EST 1994

>Mandalaparthy (padmmv00 at wrote:

>: Dear Netters,
>:  This may seem like the most bizarre thing, but the Eco R1 enzyme and
>: buffer we have seem to be contaminated leading to DNA degradation problems
>: repeatedly in our lab. We are using absolutely sterile tips, tubes and
>: distilled water.If any generous soul out there has any clue as to what may
>: be happening I would be really grateful!!!!!!.Even the brand new stuff is
>: degrading absolutely good batches of both plasmid and lambda gt10 dna
>: preps. I am so frustrated and would really thank anyone who has any help
>: or suggestions.

>: Padmaja Mandalaparthy.
>: Frustrated Grad student

Hopefully you've contacted the company to let them know of your problem.  I 
can't tell you how many times I did that as a grad student after much time 
spent assuring myself it wasn't me and only to find the company knew of bad 
batches of enzymes, etc., (too many complaints from customers) and were 
willing to provide new product.
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