help w/ ecor1 contam!

Shahram Mori smori at
Fri Nov 11 23:10:56 EST 1994

Mandalaparthy (padmmv00 at wrote:

: Dear Netters,

:  This may seem like the most bizarre thing, but the Eco R1 enzyme and
: buffer we have seem to be contaminated leading to DNA degradation problems
: repeatedly in our lab. We are using absolutely sterile tips, tubes and
: distilled water.If any generous soul out there has any clue as to what may
: be happening I would be really grateful!!!!!!.Even the brand new stuff is
: degrading absolutely good batches of both plasmid and lambda gt10 dna
: preps. I am so frustrated and would really thank anyone who has any help
: or suggestions.

: THANKS IN ADVANCE>Please e-mail to Padmmv00 at

: Padmaja Mandalaparthy.
: Frustrated Grad student
: USF, CA.

Try changing the company that you order the enzyme from. The whole batch
that they may have produced might be contaminated.

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