Martin Kennedy mkennedy at chmeds.ac.nz
Sat Nov 12 20:33:48 EST 1994

In article <39utrh$o53 at lynx.unm.edu>, inkim at carina.unm.edu (In C. Kim) writes:
> David Ish-Horowicz (d-horowicz at icrf.icnet.uk) wrote:
> : ftp://ftp.lif.icnet.uk/icrf-public/recipes/insiturecipe11_95.hqx
> : ftp://ftp.lif.icnet.uk/icrf-public/recipes/insiturecipe11_95.rtf

> I am unable to enjoy your .rtf file.  Could you please upload that in 
> .txt file?  I tried both MS Winword and WP Win, which require a lot of 
> tear and sweat to edit your converted rtf file.   Thanks.  

I had some problems with Winword 6.0 converting the .rtf file, until I removed 
a single paragraph mark that was the first character in the file.  Then it 
was smoothly and automatically converted into a nicely formatted document, by 
just opening it from Word.  I also used binary transfer to ftp the file, which
may be important.

Thanks to the authors for troubling to make it so readily available.


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