Silver staining of Native PAGE

Sergey Troianovsky Troianovsk_s at MSDISK.WUSTL.EDU
Sat Nov 12 20:05:56 EST 1994

Hi, there.

Does anybody knows the simplest but reliable protocol for Silver_Staining of
Native_PAGEs. We use home made protocol giving us a good results to stain
SDS_PAGEs. But failed find out the best conditions to stain Native_PAGEs
with the same sensitivity and clearance. FastSystem (Farmacia) based
protocols for Silver_Staining of Fast_Gel_Slides and its modification seems
doesn`t work when we switching to normal (let say Biorad Miniprotean) gels.
The answer could be important for everybody, so post here.
Thanks in advance.

Child says: "If_All_Failed_Carefully_Read_the_Manual"

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