Phosphoimagers etc revisited

Daniel Chagnovich dchagno at
Sat Nov 12 16:00:42 EST 1994

Hello bionetters,
	Sorry for the previous, useless post something happened to my machine.

	Anyway, I realize this topic has recently been covered. At the
time I read the thread carefully enough to remember that there are huge 
differences in performance and features among the various phosphoimagers 
and similar imaging devices but not closely enough to remember any of the 
specifics. Now our dept is looking into purchasing an imager and has asked for
advice/suggestions, so I am asking for anyone who has experience (good or
bad) with the various imagers to please email me. In particular we are
interested to find out:
	1. Pros and Cons of Phosphoimagers and alternative imagers (I 
remember one being talked about quite a bit but I can't remember what the 
machine was called).
	2. Experiences with a particular imager type.
	3. Any other info you wish to impart.

Thanks for the help. Please email so that this does not clutter the net .

dchagno at

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