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Sat Nov 12 18:30:41 EST 1994

Marcelo C. Dornelas (mcdornel at wrote:
: 	Hi folks

: 	Does anybody knows a plasmid named pIBI30? We have a big problem 
: here. We lost the map of this plasmid and now we don't know which 
: resistance markers it has. So, if anybody has this map, drop me down a 
: line, PLEASE!! The only thing I know of such plasmid is that it came from 
: somewhere in Israel.
: 	Thanks
: 			Marcelo Carnier Dornelas
: 			mcdornel at
: 			Genetics Department
: 			University of Sao Paulo
: 			Esc. Sup. Agric. "Luiz de Queiroz" - Brazil

pIBI30 was marketed by IBI (now owned by Kodak). You ought to be able to
get the sequence and other info directly from them. pIBI30 has an
ampicillin-resistance marker, and a polylinker cloning site between two
promoter sites, T3 and T7, I think. You can also do blue-white screening
with this plasmid. I believe that they had to stop selling this plasmid as
a result of a patent dispute with Promega (something to do with having two
promoters flanking the cloning sites so that you could use either of two
polymerases to make strand-specific probes).

Hope this helps!

Joanne Tornow
The University of Southern Mississippi
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