5'-end labeling of 8mer oligo?

Joanne Tornow jtornow at whale.st.usm.edu
Sat Nov 12 18:23:58 EST 1994

pzhang (pzhang at cc.UManitoba.CA) wrote:
: Hi, netters,
: I posted my broblem a couple of days ago. Having got no reply, I'd like 
: to try again.
: I want to radioactivly label 5'-end of a 8mer oligo. I am not sure how to 
: separate labled oligo from the reaction (removal of ATP, ADP etc.) I want
: to use this oligo as a strand of an adapter. So, my second question is: 
: If I use the labeled reaction directly( without any purification) to go 
: ahead, what are the ligation results?

: Any ideas and suggestions are highly appreciated.

: Peijun Zhang
: pzhang at cc.umanitoba.ca

We have used spin columns made with Bio-Gel P2 (from BioRad) to remove
unincorporated nucleotides from 20-mer oligos, with very good results. The
exclusion limit of these beads is 1800 MW, so you should be able to use
this to clean up the 8-mer as well.

Joanne Tornow
The University of Southern Mississippi
jtornow at whale.st.usm.edu

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