Borate inhibition of T4 DNA ligase

Darren.Martin Martin at
Sun Nov 13 12:17:30 EST 1994

Hello everybody

In Sambrook it is mentioned that TAE should be used in preference to 0.
5XTBE during the rapid cloning proceedure in LMP agarose (appendix F).  I 
have observed that while the proceedure works when TBE is used it works 
far better with TAE (higher eventual number of transformants per ug plasmid 
DNA present).  I saw somewhere (??), possibly on this newsgroup, that T4 DNA 
ligase is inhibited by the borate in TBE.  I was wandering whether anybody 
knew of any published results which indicate wheter or not this is true and 
if so, whether they could be so kind as to help me find some reference to 
them.  Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you
Darren Martin  

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