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> In other words, we are frantically looking for other reliable inducible
> systems in which expression of dominant negative mutants or antisense RNA
> can be tightly controlled, allowing us to monitor the inhibitory effects in
> detail.

I have been using a tetracycline-repressible system for expression of cytokines
which works very nicely.  I have not used it for antisense expression but I
would think it would be perfectly suited for this.  Have a look at:

Gossen M and Bujard H.  Tight control of gene expression in mammalian cells by
tetracycline-responsive promoters.  PNAS USA 89: 5547-5551, 1992.

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> I would be grateful for good suggestions and even more grateful if someone
> could offer me a suitable construct (would be considered a collaboration
> with co-authorship guaranteed).
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