DNAse or nuclease assay

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> I'm trying to find an assay for dnase or nuclease activity in lepidopteran
> gut fluid.  The literature on the subject refers to checking absorbance at
> 260nm. 

I'm sure you can find the refs in Methods in Enzymology, or "the Enzymes"
ed by P.D. Boyer.

If you don't need precise quantitation, have you considered using supercoiled
plasmid nicking/linearization/degradation as a assay? (need to run agarose
or acryl gels, EtBr-stained, after quenching reactions at various times
using EDTA.  EXTREMELY sensitive assay, check it out, if you need 
sensitivity rather than precise quantitation (well, you could scan the
gels or photos and do it quantitatively, too, if you wanted)

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