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> Due to a fair amount of interest, I thought I would post this protocol on the board:
> Gene-Clean protocol

> All reagents are made from the highest grade chemicals available (esp
> important for the NaI). NaI solutions were made with sterile,
> nano-pure H2O and final ethanol wash was made minus ethanol,
> autoclaved and ethanol added to a final concentration of 70% (v/v)
> after sterilisation. Glass 'beads' were made from a finely crushed
> scintillation vial (i.e high quality glass) by crushing with a pestle
> and mortar. Glass is crushed basically until your wrist feels like
> it's about to fall off...and then some (should behave like cooking
> flour).
> I hope this will help people in some way. Btw, a standard disclaimer:
> This works well in our lab bur as it's home-made, I take no 
> responsibility if it dosn't work as well as you'd hoped. If you get
> a problem with it, drop me a line and maybe we've already had it and
> solved it :)

our lab does essentially the same thing, but since it's a lab of over 20
people where almost everyone uses the GeneClean protocol once a week or so
(on average), we avoid the wrist falling off problem by just buying the
Glassmilk and having our work-study student make up the rest of the
solutions, more or less as described here.  works pretty well and is still
quite a bit cheaper than the total commercial version.


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