What is Resin in Magic mini-preps?

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Sun Nov 13 00:03:00 EST 1994

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>Anyone have a clue as to what the resin is in Magic Mini-preps

"The resin used in Magic Minipreps is a Celite slurry suspended in 7M Guanidine
Hydrochloride-1M KOAc buffer, pH 5.5.....Note: ( Promega recently modified
their original Celite resin -- or Magic miniprep resin and are currently
selling a derivatized Celite under the name of Wizard....)"

source:	Dr. Ravi R. Iyer, MBBS, MD
	Dept of Medicine
	George Washington University Medical Center,
	Washington DC

This information comes from an internet posting, although I received it from a
graduate student in the lab in which I work. Also outlined in the report is 
several plasmid prep protocols using diatomaceous earth (celite) resin in the 
purification. I can't find a source of the report, but I'm sure it is still
posted out there somewhere on the net.

Let me know if you're interested...I will try to dig up the original posting.

J Quyen Wickham
jwickham at rev.uokhsc.edu
Dept of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Univ of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

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