Silver sequencing

Sasha Kraev bckraev at
Tue Nov 15 07:55:21 EST 1994

Hi, Daniel
Silver sequencing is basically a cycle sequencing kit fitted to a silver 
staining protocol. Both parts can be used separately ( e.g. the sequencing kit
with radioactively labelled primers, the staining reagents for DNA ), so if
you do not like it in the end, you will be able to use the reagents for other
experiments. It does generate about 5X more DNA in a cycle sequencing reaction
than similar sequencing kits from the same and other manufacturers. However,
this is because you are simply guided to start with larger amounts of DNA, than
you would otherwise have done with a "regular" kit. I found it a nice alterna-
tive for those places where radioactivity is hard to get or impossible to use,
but as a system it is more prone to errors in template DNA preparation, than
regular cycle sequencing, and is about the same amount of messy washing steps,
as hapten-based non-rad approaches. The choice is yours. Hope that helps.

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